We’re Getting Together Our Team!

07/28/08 | Comment (0)

citizentube, a Google citizen outreach project, has featured our video, "Insurance Company Rules," on their blog. Perfect timing.

We are getting ready to ramp up to the next stage of our campaign. Here's the email we just sent to our list:

Dear Supporter:

Baffled by health insurance companies changing the rules?

Watch our new video: (Click the image to watch the video.)

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Insurance companies change the rules in the middle of the game to deny you health care and make more money. We know the insurance industry will do everything in its power to stop  us from winning real solutions in Congress next year.

That is why we need your help. Starting next week, we will be asking every member of Congress to tell us which side he/she is on: With us for a guarantee of affordable, quality health care for all? Or with the big insurers who want to leave us alone in bureaucratic, unregulated market?

We need your help! Please forward this video to a friend!

We just released this video last week in conjunction with our action in Columbus, Ohio against the new industry campaign to try and fool the American people about their motives in the health care debate. The reality is that we need to regulate the insurance companies to stop inhumane and unfair practices like denying legitimate claims, outrageous premium increases, and blocking access to people with so-called "pre-existing conditions." We also need to have a choice of a public plan that anyone can opt into if he/she chooses.

We need to make sure that each member of Congress hears from his/her voters. You can help by sending this video along and getting everyone you know to sign up. This is the last big push to get people involved--and then it is time to get Congress on board!

Just click your forward button and let your friends and family know about insurance company rules!

Stay tuned. You will hear from us next week on how to contact your Congress members in your district.

Thanks for your support, and together we will play to win Health Care for America Now.


Health Care for America Now

So, get ready. We plan to deluge every member of Congress with your voices, making sure they know health care should be at the top of their list in 2009. Stay tuned for more shortly, but in the meantime, can you share this video with a few of your friends?